My name is Angelica Gonzalez-Eskel and my passion in life has always been animals, particularly cats. Growing up in my native Chile, South America, I would frequently feed stray cats and bring them home, which did not make my mom very happy. For a long time I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian but life led me on a different path. I became a teacher of English, got married and raised two lovely children. Today, I'm the proud mom of an architect (my son) and a Ph.D. in Education (my daughter.)

After getting my degree as a teacher and once for my children were little older, I went back to school and got my second degree as a Conference Interpreter/Translator in English/French/Spanish. I have a passion for languages and being an interpreter and translator is what I have been doing for the last 27 years. But I always had a dream that someday I would find a way to pursue my other passion: work with animals and/or help those who don't have a home to call their own.

I relocated to the US in 1998 and lived in the state of New Hampshire for 10 years, but shoveling snow, chipping ice and dealing with the harsh winters in the Northeast was not easy. And even though I was having two successful careers as a private tutor and as a free lance interpreter and translator, I knew something was still missing and I knew in my heart I wanted to do something with animals, specifically homeless cats, those who don’t have a family or a place to call their own and die in shelters everyday. I became a volunteer at the Manchester Animal Shelter in Manchester, New Hampshire and I must say that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my whole life ... ever! Not only did I learn about love, care and compassion but I also learned about abuse, neglect and indifference for the life of an animal. I learned that when somebody is determined to get rid of an animal –no matter how- they will not hesitate to put a couple of cats inside a cardboard box, tape it and dump it by the door at the shelter in a freezing -10 degree winter night. I also met some amazing people there, who taught me a lot: thank you, Journey Ewell, Ed Kramer, Kim Lutes, I will be forever grateful for that.

I volunteered at FMAS for almost five years, I joined the Meds Team and I worked with the Special Needs cats -aggressive, feral and others- and, at some point, I decided to go back to college and take courses on Small Animal Care to help those kitties better. Thus, I enrolled in the 1-year program at the University of New Hampshire, got my Pet Grooming Diploma and took some additional courses, which were part of the Associate Degree in Animal Science. I felt, then, that I was ready to make a change in my career and my life.

In the meantime, I started a big feline family and I am now proudly owned by five great companions, four of them rescues from FMAS in NH and one rescue from Albuquerque!

Finally, tired of the cold, the snow and the ice of the Northeast, I decided to follow the sun and moved to New Mexico in 2008. I continue to work as an interpreter/translator but I decided to start my kitty business and devote part of my energy to take care of people’s feline companions. That is why my commitment comes from my heart: my five felines mean the world to me and I know how much theirs mean to my clients.

These are some of my qualifications, which show that I'm well equipped to handle different needs that cats have based on age, size, breed, temperament and personalities. My background enables me to offer top of the line, professional and reliable services for Cat Sitting and specialized Cat Care.

- Member of Pet Sitters International

- Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid

- 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner

- Grooming Diploma from University of New Hampshire

- Courses on Small Animal Care at UNH

- 5 years of experience at Manchester Animal Shelter, Manchester, NH.

- 1 year volunteering with Fabulous Felines, Albuquerque

- Licensed, Insured and Bonded.

I am also a member/sponsor of: Best Friends Animal Society, ASPCA, HSUS, Animal Legal Defense Fund and IVIS (International Veterinary Information Service), among others.