Sometimes a vacation or a business trip can get a little longer than scheduled and the family does not want kitty to be home alone all day. Or a family member has an upcoming surgery or some other medical procedure and will be spending time in the hospital, and there won't be anybody at home to take care of the kitty(ies). There is also the situation where the family is having renovations done in the house or they are moving out-of-state. And, of course, they want to keep their felines in a safe and stress-free environment until their personal situation can be taken care of. There is also the kitty with special needs: medications, insulin, fluids, B-12 shots, inhaler, etc. Or sometimes it is a senior kitty that needs more than care and TLC; he/she needs 24-hour monitoring and supervision. It is then that the family realizes that daily visits are not enough, they want around-the-clock care for their furry children. That is when HAPPY MEOWS can be there for you!! You can bring your cherished companions to us and have peace of mind knowing they will be in a home environment. No cages here, the kitties get a whole room with lots of amenities!

So, whatever the circumstance In My Home Care - HAPPY MEOWS can take care of your furry kid and provide a healthy, happy and totally stress-free experience in a loving home environment! We are Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid, which enables us to offer specialized cat care for the special felines in your life.

Please, be advised that this is NOT a boarding facility but a quiet and private place, where we provide the same home environment atmosphere that your feline is accustomed to. That way, you can have peace of mind while you are away, knowing that your kitty is well cared for and content in your absence.

However, like any commercial boarding facility, we do require proof of Rabies vaccine as well as FVRCP vaccine.

To make our kitty heaven possible, we have made the whole second floor in our house available for feline guests. We have decorated all 3 rooms with lots of love and TLC, keeping in mind kitties' needs and comfort. The result is three lovely suites:

DORA THE EXPLORER ROOM, where we can accommodate up to two kitties from the same family.

THE BUTTERFLIES’ ROOM, where we can accommodate up to four kitties from the same family.

THE TINKERBELL ROOM, where we can accommodate up to 3 kitties from the same family.

Some of the amenities in these rooms include:

– Comfortable toddler beds, perfect for kitty naps.

– Kitty condos by the windows, to watch the birds and take naps in the sun.

– Scratching posts

– Drinking fountains with circulating water which keeps it oxygenated and fresh 24 hours a day.

– Music and TV. We have lots of CD’s with soothing and relaxing music, some of which some have been especially created and recorded for pets. It’s another resource we use to make the kitties stay completely stress-free! Likewise, we have DVD’s especially made for kitties, featuring fish, butterflies, squirrels and birds.

– Baskets with kitty toys in each room

Our rates include food, both kibble and canned. Kitties also get treated to organic catnip, with their parents’ permission. We only feed premium foods, no corn, wheat or soy, only top quality food. You are welcome to bring your kitty’s food if you like, or if your kitty is on a prescription diet. However, we do not give discounts for bringing your own food.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs more in detail. Our promise is that we will treat your furry babies as if they are ours … and that means that they will be very spoiled while in our care!