In addition to our Kitty Hotel, we offer Kitty Sitting in YOUR Home:

An initial visit/interview is needed to meet with you and your kitty(ies), discuss your needs, learn your routine, fill out paperwork and arrange the pick up for the keys. There is no charge for this visit.

Our Visits Include:

Playtime, cuddling and lots of petting!
We also read childrens' books to the kitties and they enjoy it! One of the reasons we do this -especially with shy or not very social kitties- is to give them the opportunity to slowly get used to our scent and our voice 🙂 It always works great !!
Feeding (both canned and/or kibble)
Litter box cleaning (and washing, if needed)
No time limit per visit. We'll stay at your place until everything gets done!


Kitty Grooming: nail trim, ears cleaned, brush-out, shave down, etc.
Administration of medication (insulin, fluids, pills, eye meds, nutritional supplements, etc.)

Pet Taxi: should your kitty need transportation to the vet or other places.

Special Care for Felines with Special Needs
     - Senior Kitties
     - Health Issues